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Solar-Log 1200
Mid-range device for small to medium-sized PV plants

The beautifully shaped device for failure and yield monitoring with a TFT color touch screen and a smaller LCD display.

Plants size
Solar-Log 1200 is compatible with all current inverters. It is possible to connect several inverters from maximum of two manufacturers and a total plant power of 100 kWp.

Solar-Log™ Easy Installation
The installation and initial setup is automatic. The inverter detection and the Internet logon start immediately. The installation status is shown on the LCD Display. The manual configuration of the Solar-Log™ can be performed via the WEB interface. Easy Installation is compatible with the Solar-Log™ WEB “Commercial Edition” and “Classic 2nd Edition”.

Smart Energy
Self-consumption can be measured and displayed as a graph with a energy meter. Smart Energy logics activate and deactive individual appliances depending on the amount available energy.

Display Options
TFT-Touch-Display and access to Solar-Log™
The Solar-Log™ can be operated from a computer with a web browser or directly via the device’s TFT-Touch-Display. The graphical reports of yield data are visualized on the color TFT-Touch-Display and via the web browser. Remote access is possible with the Solar-Log™ WEB “Commercial Edition”.


A maximum of 100 inverters (just one manufacturer per bus), maximum plant size 100 kWp.

Inverter interface
Inverters can be connected via an RS485/422 and a RS485 interface or an Ethernet connection.

Solar-Log 1200

  • Maximum plant size: 100 kWp
  • Optional Powermanagement
  • Color TFT-Touch-Display and LCD-Status-Display for displaying graphics and operation
  • Visualize, optimize and manage the consumption of self-produced power


  • Standard
  • GPRS
  • PM+
  • PM+/GPRS
  • Meter