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Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home 5.0

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Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home 5.0

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2 180,00 € tax incl.

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Set enthält:
- 2x 2.5 Battery Module
- 1x (Deckel)
- 1x Sockel
- 1x cable with Verschaltung mit Sunny Island

The Mercedes battery has a life of 20 years and can carry 8000 charging cycles.

On average, each year, 250 to 350 cycles are carried out. Mercedes-Benz Energy 5.0 domestic batteries also provide a discharge rate of up to 80%. You will benefit from a much higher capacity than that of a lead battery. By connecting SunnyBoy + Sunny Island SMA to Invernet, the lithium-powered Mercedes-Benz Energy lithium batteries, you can charge and download them for free.

The Mercedes-Benz Energy 5.0 home battery is a lithium battery that incorporates a Battery Management System (BMS) that optimizes operation and adjusts charging currents. Battery cables are included.

Battery charge up to 80%.

Number of cycles: 8000. With an average of 250 cycles per year, the Mercedes-Benz Energy home battery lasts for about 20 years.

Lightweight and design: weighs 67 kg, has a simple and essential design and can be installed in any context. For proper operation, the temperature must be between 0 ° and 40 °.

Capacity: 4600 Wh: The capacity of this battery is 5000 Wh. This corresponds to 5000W per hour. If it is not enough, you can insert other batteries into the cart. The capacity is up to 20,000Wh.

Power: 2500 W: The instantaneous power of the Mercedes-Benz Energy 2.5 home battery reaches up to 2500 W.